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Brighton Boy

A struggling young artist, scorned by his girlfriend and humiliated by his peers, dreams of success and a house price crash. Drawn into an elaborate attempt at forgery, he embarks on a scam whose repercussions ripple out to include violence and murder. Running and hiding from an implacable foe, forced to watch as his life disintegrates, he finally connects with his inner thug and wreaks brutal revenge on all his tormentors.

his is Barlow Medium, and at its core is the iron reality of that thing called money - who has it and who doesn't, the lack of it and the longing for it. First Danny suffers, then he finds his redemption, and his retribution, when it comes, is shocking, visceral and wholly enjoyable.

Weaving in themes of envy and privilege, of wealth and exclusion, Brighton Boy is a vivid snapshot of our times, and plugs into the rage of that lost generation which is priced out of housing and locked out of the good life.

This is Proxima Nova bold

Brighton Boy

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