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Donna And The Fatman

"Zahavi is an original,

a literary outlaw"

The Times

"Foot down hard, headlights cutting through the darkness. Just him and her and a stolen car, and a bleak, beguiling London night, all drifting fog and desolation"

From its menacing opening chapter to its violent and explosive conlusion, Donna and the Fatman is a brutally funny tale of violence, lust, cruelty and revenge.

Set in the lurid, hallucinatory atmosphere of London's criminal underworld, it pits the Fatman, an enigmatic and sadistic gang boss, against Donna, his nemesis. For with Merv and Billy by his side, he thinks that he's untouchable. Sixteen stome of charm and bile, and he thinks that he's immortal. A smiling thug with a Hampstead house, who's staked his claim to London.

But now he's met the Donna bitch, with her scarlet nails and lippiness. And when she looks at him, she feels a tiny stab of pain, an orange flame of rage, a sense of fleeting deprivation. For that's the kind of girl she is. Her face pressed up against the glass, all damp and anxious longings.

The soft and yielding, sweet, uncaring, all-avenging Donna bitch...

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